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A tea farmer story

Our story started about 70 years ago, when Hitoshi Horiguchi had the vision to grow tea on a small parcel of land, nearly 1 ha at that time and it was to make Japanese black tea. The time passed and one of his sons, Yasuhisa Horiguchi decided to grow more tea.

So he increased the number of tea gardens and built his own tea factories for the unrefined tea, & finished tea and the packaging. He could produce different types of green tea and even a Japanese oolong.
During the time that the tea garden grew in number and he realized that using chemicals were having a bad effect on nature and humans. He decided to find a way to grow tea without using chemicals. After a Typhoon he realized that all the pest where blown away by the wind and the rain, from that day he decided to create a machine that could reproduce the same effects as a typhoon on the tea garden.
After 10 years of research, he succeeded and the “Hurricane King” was born, this machine works with water and a high pressure wind. Later he created another machine, the “SL Steam Buster” that can stop the weeds from growing with high temperature steam. He works hard and never gave up even after many fails, because he believe that what is good for nature is good for humans. Because of the people he met and moreover his passion for tea, the total of his land is now 130 ha. One of his dream was to see Kagoshima become the biggest tea production region of Japan, which became true recently.

Now the grandson Daisuke Horiguchi is continuing the story of Horiguchi family, he decided to follow his father’s path and he created the “Cha Rangers” or “Tea rangers”, a group of machines that follow the United Nations “Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) and allow us to grow chemical-free tea. These machines are very unique and some of them are used only in our tea farms and nowhere else in Japan.
Sustainability is one the keys for the future, if we want that the next generation to also drink tea. Daisuke Horiguchi is also focused on new concepts like our TEAET line which reinvigorates tea drinkers that only drink bottled tea & our KAKUHORI line which offers single-origin artisan teas to Japanese tea connoisseurs.

In a few years the 4th generation of the Horiguchi family will also continue writing this tea story, but before that you can help us write the present because this story is also written by you.


Horiguchiseicha Founded
It suffers catastrophic damage overnight. It was an expensive but valuable tuition fee.
「ariakemidori」Sales start
First sale leaflet
Founded wakohen, opened the first wakohen store (Ariake store) Opening a store not only to make tea but also to see the reaction of customers
「undamoshitan」Sales start
「ryokucyamonogatari」 Sales start
wakohen packaging finishing factory newly established
wakohen harada open
Hurricane King operation started Developed a wind and water pressure pest control machine with a hint of a typhoon
Research and development of fermented fertilizer for tea leaf lactic acid bacteria
Tea plantation squadron
120 hectares of farms are under direct management, and 100 hectares are contracted farms. Also, along the highway (Ariake-cho, Harada), the largest green tea factory in Japan was constructed. Furthermore, the Wakohen main store was built in front of the factory.


Company name
Wakohen Co., Ltd
758 Futsuhara, Ariake-cho, Shibushi-shi, Kagoshima
President Yasuhisa Horiguchi
1989 (Accounting period June)
Telephone number
TEL: 099-475-1023 (representative) FAX: 099-475-1517
Number of employees
Full time: 33 people Part time: 24 people
Retail stores
2 stores in Ariake, 1 store in Shibushi, 2 stores in Kanoya, 1 store in Izumi (6 stores)
Names of some representative products
Rokucha Densetsu Eisai Monogatari Kodama Arabikicha
Wholesale offices
Osumi sales office, Kagoshima sales office, and Miyazaki sales office (3 sales offices)

History of TV and Media Appearances

Visit and observation by a mayoral group from Khon Kaen, Thailand (Minami-Nippon Shimbun)
“The first tea of the season, grown from Autumn without chemicals” (3 TV companies, 5 newspapers)
Tea manufacturing experience session (Minami-Nippon Shimbun)
Shincha (First tea of the season) Festival (Minami-Nippon Shimbun)
Reporting on the Hurricane King (Gendai Nogyo)
Shincha Festival in support of reconstruction efforts for the Great East Japan Earthquake (Minami-Nippon Shimbun)
Information session on how to make good tea with shincha (Minami-Nippon Shimbun)
Shincha Festival hand picking experience session (Minami-Nippon Shimbun)
Shincha Festival hand picking experience session (Minami-Nippon Shimbun)
Wakohen Culture School (MBC Television)
Shibushi special product PR (BTV (cable TV))
Information program “Asachan” (TBS Television)
“Why in tea plantations? Rare famous views of Shibushi” (MBC Television)
Visit and observation by Shinjiro Koizumi, Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet Office. (Minami-Nippon Shimbun)
  • Profile

    President Yasuhisa Horiguchi
    Career: President of Kagoshima Farm Managers Club Director of Kagoshima Tea Manufacturers Association President of Ariake-cho Tea Industry Promotion Group President of Wakohen Co., Ltd. President of Kagoshima Horiguchi Seicha Co., Ltd. Kagoshima Tea Management Improvement Contest Winner of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award (1994) National Agriculture Contest (Management) Winner of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award (1997) National Tea Fair Winner of the Japan Tea Central Public Interest Incorporated Association’s President’s Award (2001)
    Daisuke Horiguchi
    Enlivening the Osumi Peninsula through agriculture. Valuing the spirit of pay it forward with the goal of being an entrepreneur who opens up new markets with original business ideas and technologies. Career: Born in Shibushi City Graduated from Shoshikan High School California State University, Northridge Graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration, Meiji University Joined ITO EN Co., Ltd. in 2006 Producing area guidance to Wangaratta, Australia, Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Prefecture throughout the year July 2018 Appointed Vice President and Representative Director of Kagoshima Horiguchi Seicha., Ltd. July 2018 Appointed President and Representative Director of Wakohen Co., Ltd.