Wakohen is a Japanese tea manufacture that offers private labeling, wholesale, and retail teas that are pesticide-free and grown using IPM farming methods and Smart Agriculture.


  • About


    Wakohen’s deep steamed green tea is made from the freshest tea leaves, picked from our own fields, and steamed in the most diligent way possible. It looks slightly more powdery than ordinary tea, but we believe that the color, richness and delicious taste it produces is close to perfect. Please feel free to try it and judge for yourself.
  • Philosophy

    The way Wakohen tea is grown

    We carry out all the processes ourselves, which includes being fastidious about keeping the soil in good condition, planting the seedlings, and managing the tea plantation.


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    Tea and Fukamushicha at Kagoshima Wakoen Online Shop Rin Kagoshima Osumi Kuni Daichi, I will try to make Japanese tea that is a little particular about the management of the land and the garden.